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EngFrosh is the orientation program for new students in Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, and Information Technology. Our goal is to help you get adjusted to your new life at Carleton, meet your peers and classmates in the Faculty of Engineering and Design, and have an awesome time in the process! To learn more about Engfrosh, check out some Frequently Asked Questions below, and information regarding stream societies and special interest groups.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to make heads or tails of this "frosh week" thing you've heard about? Well, look no further - EngFrosh is here to help explain things!

What is EngFrosh?

EngFrosh is Carleton's Fall Orientation program for new students in Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, and Information Technology (but students from other programs are welcome too!). The primary goal of EngFrosh is to help you get comfortable with your new life at Carleton, by allowing you to bond with your soon-to-be-classmates in a fun and safe environment. In doing so, you will be creating a personal support base of new friendships, something that you can use for getting help (be it academic or otherwise) when you need it most. There is also the benefit of meeting upper-year students in your program, who will quickly become a valuable resource for when you need assistance.

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How does EngFrosh differ from the other Carleton orientation programs?

There are a number of other Fall Orientation programs offered at Carleton. CRS Fall-O is for all Carleton students, and SPROSH is Carleton’s Business frosh week program. However, no program will help you meet other students in the Faculty of Engineering and Design - the people who will eventually become your classmates or lab partners - like EngFrosh will. Because it is tailored for certain programs, you'll stand a much better chance of getting to know many of the people you'll be spending the year with. And since EngFrosh is smaller, we are able to do a wide variety of activities (such as white water rafting) that can't be done with those larger orientations.

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What else can you tell me about EngFrosh?

EngFrosh is Carleton’s Fall Orientation program for Engineering & Design students that has the full support and endorsement of the Faculty of Engineering & Design. It is organized and run entirely by hundreds of student volunteers, who all come back to EngFrosh year after year since they enjoy it so much. EngFrosh is also your introduction into the tight-knit family that is the Carleton Engineering Community. We're friendly, we're proud, and we have a lot of fun! You'll be exposed to many of the other ways you can take a break from all that studying, get involved and have some fun yourself!

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How do I sign in for frosh week?

How do I sign in for frosh week? It is important that during Saturday September 2nd or Sunday September 3rd that you come to Fenn Lounge in Residence Commons and sign in. At this point, if you haven't already, you can register for Engfrosh, but note that space is limited (and will likely be sold out, so register ahead of time). You will get you all of your gear for the week along with important information of what is to come.

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What is the Carleton Student Engineering Society?

The Carleton Student Engineering Society, or CSES, has been serving the students of Carleton Engineering for more than 30 years. Its goal is to provide its members with academic, professional, and social resources to help them make it through their four (or more) years here at Carleton. CSES also represents Carleton Engineering in a variety of capacities, including the provincial and national levels of engineering student societies (ESSCO and CFES respectively). If you're an undergraduate student enrolled in a stream of engineering, you're a member of CSES. And if you're not, you're still more than welcome to attend our events and take part in our community!

See: www.mycses.ca for more information about the society!

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What does CSES do for me?

CSES provides social events throughout the year, allowing engineering students to take a break from their studies and let loose. Some of the major events include Whirlwinds (our semi-formal dinner and dance),Yuk Yuks comedy nights, charity LAN tournaments, and Reflections (our annual awards and graduation formal). CSES also provides a wealth of services - Leonardo's Lounge (the engineering store), an equipment loan program, The Iron Times - a monthly publication, and even an exam library.

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How can I get involved with CSES?

All aspects of CSES are volunteer run, everything from CSES Council to Leo’s Lounge. Even if you have no experience, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. There are lots of volunteer positions that need filling, including official CSES Directorships. As well, an election will be held at the end of September to select two people to represent all first year engineering students on CSES Council. More information on all these opportunities will be available following EngFrosh.

See: www.mycses.ca for more information about the society!

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What is an Engineering Jacket?

The Carleton Engineering Jacket is the official leather jacket for Carleton's Engineering Community, as can be spotted all over campus and Ottawa. Endorsed by CSES, the Engineering Jacket is a unique item that sets us apart from the rest of the University. Unlike the various jackets offered by the University Bookstore, the Engineering Jacket is made with a deep red ("ox blood") leather and can be customized to include your stream (ex: AERO), class year ('19), working arm band (that will eventually sport your Iron Ring!), and name bar. There are even specialized options for students in BIT, Architecture, and Industrial Design! Watch for them in the Mackenzie Quad during sizing day held in early October. Accept no imitations!

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What if I have more questions?

For questions about EngFrosh, send us an email - info@engfrosh.com. If you have questions of a different nature, try the links below:

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Some Extra Information

Below is a list of the major stream societies and a sampling of special interest groups. These groups are a great way to stay in touch with your fellow engineers once EngFrosh is over, and to learn more about the degree you've chosen. This is by no means a complete list; it's just a place to start looking.


AASA Facebook Page


BIT Society Facebook Page


cmas.carleton.ca CSCE Facebook Page


CSCE Facebook Page


IEEE Facebook Page


SCESoc Facebook Page






Kosmic Facebook Page


Flightsuits are the glorious blue coveralls that C-Eng students wear with pride. These fashionable outfits are awarded to students who get involved in the Engineering community. They are embellished with a large C-Eng logo on the back, and equipped with eighty-six pockets for your storage needs. Flightsuits are a way of showing everyone who you are: a Carleton Engineer (or Architect, or BIT, or ID!, or E.A.H. (Engineer-At-Heart!) if you’re not *technically* in the Faculty!) with a lot of pride and spirit.