Corporate Sponsorship

Partnering with EngFrosh is an excellent way to promote your company to a new generation of future leaders. Not only are you supporting a highly respected initiative in your community, you are also taking advantage of an opportunity to advertise to a large pool of potential customers. We are also open to in-kind sponsorship, and will value it at retail values.

2017 EngFrosh Sponsorship Package

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In memory of my grandparents Sharon and Angelo Marini, one of whom I lost during EngFrosh. Despite missing two days for this family tragedy I returned to experience the same support, love and friendship I would feel during all my 5 EngFrosh years. Please feel free to donate with me to this amazing cause.



Alumni Sponsors

Jeffrey Tolton
Andrew Giallonardo
Matt Molkoski
Allan Bassi
Andrew Oddy
Michael Chaplin
Michael Rossyan
Jamie Barresi
Brittany Roberts
Julia Dalphy


Alumni Sponsorship

Interested in becoming an Alumni Sponsor? Go to our future funder page!

Want to sponsor us for a different amount? Send us an email at: sponsorship@engfrosh.com